Friday, May 21, 2010

Counting our blessings

Today, I am counting my blessings.

It has been one year and five months, since we lost our home and everything we owned in the house fire. By the standards of this world, without fire insurance or much of a savings account, things should have been bleak, without any hope at all. But for us, the opposite is true. Starting that very first day, we have been blown away by God’s miraculous provision.

So as I pondered all that God has done, I started to list them off. It is by no means exhaustive, but here is what I came up with:

- The Red Cross literally came to us before the fire was even out, giving us shelter, clothing, food and hope.

- Writers from all across this planet started showering us with love gifts and words of encouragement.

- Members of our church, and folks from the community organized a wonderful fundraiser for us.

- One neighbor even showed up with his heavy equipment and hauled the burned wreckage away, free of charge.

- BestBuy stepped up and helped us replace our computers and other electronic items.

- The employees at BestBuy and Old Navy adopted our family, giving Christmas gifts to our children to replace those that were lost.

- Churches from throughout our area took love offerings for our family.

- An old friend I had not seen in years, Mark Plumber, of Earth Crafters, came to our rescue offering expertise, helping us get the gears turning with the county, selecting a replacement home and the use of his equipment to get the many utility ditches dug and leveling our home site.

- In every case, the furniture and household items donated to us are far better than what we lost.

- God has met every need in His perfect timing, and answered every prayer.

- In our own way, God has shown us what it is like to eat the sacred manna that came from Heaven above. We are so blessed.

The fire: December 22nd, 2008

Here is our new home. It should be ready to move in within 4 weeks. Praise God !


jel said...

the house is looking good! :)

David Meigs said...

Thanks Jan!

Rulan said...

We serve such a mighty loving God. All that He has done for you and you family puts a huge grin on my face and I just got to praise Him. He is so awesome!

I am so thrilled for you all. :-)

May the Lord bless everyone who has prayed for you, given gifts, or helped in any way.

David Meigs said...

Thank you Rulan. And if you ever make it over here, all the way from NZ, the coffee is always on. :-)

Rulan said...

That would be awesome. But tea for me please? :-)

jel said...

ya eye C now how things R ,
ya invite sis over for coffee (tea)

David Meigs said...

Jan, the coffee is always on. :-)

jel said...

I know ! :)

just razzing!

hope your feeling better!

Debbie said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! what more can I say? We serve an awesome God... He is so faithful... He promised us that HE Would Never Leave Us or Forsake Us... I have to say that He has kept that promise for you all. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do next.. Dave I have something to tell you that will make you very proud.. Maria moved here almost 3 months ago to make a break from Seattle living and start over... It hasn't been easy for her and running from God seemed to be the norm for her. But this past Sunday morning she rededicated her life to Jesus.. And Sunday night she and my granddaughter got baptized... On Tuesday she was hired at a new resturant here in Tucson. She arrived here at 10pm on a Friday night and rented a small 2 bedroom trailor the very next day... She lives about 1 city block from us and is right around the corner from Brittany and her hubby... Brittany is expecting her first baby in Sept... IT IS A GIRL!!!! Hannah Joy....You will be seeing Ken soon he is planning to be up there to help his mom for about 1 month... Tell everyone hello from us and I will keep up with all the happenings on your blog...God Bless

David Meigs said...

Thank you, Debbie, my old friend. :-)

It is hard to believe that Maria was three years younger when I met her, than her daughter is today. The years--decades pass by fast when we are having fun serving Jesus. Tell Maria that I am very proud of her.

Tell Brittney I said congratulations! lol - she was just a baby when I met her. A cute baby too. Take care!

Andi said...

The new house is beautiful! God is so good and I am so happy that you and your family got out safe and sound that night! I am grining ear to ear! May God continue to bless you and your family! Andi

David Meigs said...

Thank you, Andi. Your comments are a blessing to me. God is so good. May God bless all you do for Him. :-)

Barb said...

So glad you shared this story, David, and glad for your good fortune with so many wonderful friends. God bless and keep you in that lovely new home!
Write on!
barb in va

David Meigs said...

Thank you Barb!

Many blessings to you. :-)

sally apokedak said...

David, this is a great post!

David Meigs said...

Thank you, Sally. Blessed be the name of our lord.